Deer Isle Volunteer Fire Department

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Engine 3

Year: 1974
Make: Ford
Model: Pierce
Pump: 750gpm
Tank: 750 gallon

2 Scott 2.2 Air Packs with 4 Spare Bottles, 2x 150' 1 3/4" Pre-Connected Lines, 6 Backpack Fire Pumps (Indian Tank), Fixed and Portable Scene Lighting, 24' Extension Ladder, 18' Roof Ladder, Stokes Rescue Basket, Chain Saw, Hand Tools, Cable Cutter, Forestry Tools, 30' Hard Suction, Mobile and Portable Radios.

Engine 3 is primarily assigned to respond to auto accidents, forestry and brush fire incidents. This apparatus also serves as the second or backup attack piece, with the primary duty of establishing a water supply for the first engine, or expanded coverage in a large scene.

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