Deer Isle Volunteer Fire Department

Serving Deer Isle and Surrounding Communities With Pride and Tradition Since 1936.

Equipment & Apparatus

From vehicles and apparatus to the tools carried into a fire, each piece of equipment has a very specific job. Firefighting equipment continues to evolve as technology and experience present new and better ways to save and protect lives and property. An extensive list of equipment and tools are required to protect and support an active fire and rescue department, all of which must be kept in top working order at all times.

In addition to the apparatus listed on the right, some of the other supporting equipment include: Turnout or bunker gear for firefighters, portable firefighting pumps for use in remote areas, portable generators are used to provide lighting and power equipment such as exhaust fans, fixed station generator to keep the vehicles ready for action and to power the stations radio system, air compressor for refilling the air bottles that firefighters wear, portable boat and outboard to reach remote beaches and islands, pagers that alert firefighters and rescue personnel of an emergency, portable radios for firefighters to maintain communication and coordinate efforts.

Of course, having the equipment is only the beginning. Extensive training is necessary to ensure that all firefighters are not only familiar with, but also competent using each piece of equipment under the pressures of an emergency or event.


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