Deer Isle Volunteer Fire Department

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Burn Permits

A burning permit may be obtained from the town Forest Fire Warden: Brent Morey at 348-6133, or one of the Deputy Town Fire Wardens: Georgia Morey, 348-6133; John Weed, 348-6092; Russell Bray, 348-6619.

Permits are ONLY issued on class 1 and 2 days. See related link for class status and definitions.

Open burning by any person requires a permit 365 days a year. This includes the following: logs, stumps, roots, brush, slash, fields of dry grass, debris, pasture and blueberry land. Open burning of any kind must not be allowed to cause nuisance conditions. If nuisance conditions occur, department policy is to revoke the permit.

To encourage winter time burning when there is snow on the ground, we are willing to give out permits for extended periods of time. We discourage piling brush and stumps into large piles. Fires must be attended at all times and these types of piles will burn for days. Make smaller piles! They are easier to burn and control. All piles larger than ten feet square and ten feet high will be inspected before a permit is issued. Fires burn deep and can burn underground for long distances before popping up to the surface. We all need to use caution.

Violation of the open burning law is a Class E crime, which may result in a fine or period not exceeding six months in jail. In addition, people should remember that they could be liable for up to $2000 in fire suppression costs as well as any civil damages that might result.


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