Deer Isle Volunteer Fire Department

Serving Deer Isle and Surrounding Communities With Pride and Tradition Since 1936.


vol-un-te-ah fi-ah fi-tah
vä-lən-ˈtir ˈfī(-ə)r fī-tər

An individual of questionable mental status, willing to put themself into harms way to save another’s life or property, without payment, reward or recognition.

a. One who voluntarily runs into burning buildings instead of out of them, wearing an extra 75 pounds of equipment.

b. The unseen person managing a complex system of levers and gauges to control life-saving water from a 500 horsepower pump at a rate of 1250 gallons per minute.

c. The person directing traffic at the scene of a car accident in the middle of the night, on the eve of a holiday, in a blinding snow storm, and has to go to work in the morning.

d. Fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, neighbors, friends who have missed meals, birthdays, holidays, special events, and countless hours of sleep while donating their time to help someone in need.

We are actively searching for new members to join our team.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact one of the department members, stop in at one of the weekly meetings, or use the contact information below.

Deer Isle Fire Department   |   P.O. Box 275   |   Deer Isle   |   ME   |   04627